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Design by Steve is a collective of passionates striving to design delightful websites … … and much, much more.

Our digital network agency creates websites, web apps and digital experiences that cross all online channels.
We are passionate experts & pros doing “our thing” right.



Web Design

We design beautiful, fast loading, responsive, individual websites ready for search engine optimization, maintaining the partner´s corporate identity.


We have a huge network of partner, backlinking to each other making the sites stable. We use all social media channels to communicate our websites virally & continuously.


For every project we assign an Art Director who takes care of the harmonic design issues like colors, fonts, pictures & editorial. Just that everything fits harmoious.


Successful SEO for us means that our partners are listed under the top three positions on the first result page at Google with the defined keywords.

Graphic Design

We like it simple. We like it clean. Our Art Directors are professionals working for big brands or other design agencies. For every task we have a specialist at hand.


Steve has been working in marketing for many brands, for many years. He gained experience in the fashion industry at Marc O´Polo, René Lezard, Hugo Boss & Nautica, as well as the IT industry at Apple Germany. He´s the owner and online marketeer for waxinglounge, balancehair, hairvision, The House of Nova and many more.
“Your success is our motiviation, your image is our piece of art, your reputation our strategy”. “Dein Erfolg ist unsere Motivation, Dein Image unser Kunstwerk, Deine Beliebtheit unsere Strategie” (Steve G. Winner in 2015).

My agency is a team of creative design passionates. They all love to do what they do – that is why our designs always shine & have a “heart”. Steve Jobs once said that “details matter” – and that is one of our main principles: we spend hours to make every little detail fit to the harmony of the complete website. Sometimes it takes hours to find or design the perfect “Read more …” button.

The websites we design are our expression of pieces of art. Each website is individual and they are – as it is usual for an artist – never “finished“. The partnership with a customer is always long-lasting and based on intense communication. We do not “hand over” a website once the main project is finished, but will take care of updates, help with blogging, implement new features if necessary.

We are your perfect match if you are looking for an agency that helps you to define & plan your online marketing strategy – beginning with the design of your logo, finding a catchy claim, up to communicating your content through all plattforms, channels & search engines.
To be excellent with our work we have to identify ourselves with the business, the customer, the brand, the product, or the service. We deny projects which do not fit in our definition of “favorite customers / products / brands”. We love strong brands – or brands in which we see potential. We don´t do anything half-hearted – everything we do is with love & passion.
We are a Network.

As we all know Google changes its algorhithms every once in a while. We continously watch the trends and adjust our partner´s & customer´s sites to it. Right now (as if of May 2017) Google rates pages by the follong factors: amount of organic backlinks – from other sites, social media or blogs | site speed – startpage should load under 1.5 sec. | mobile optimization / responsiveness – the site has to be functional on every device | content of startpage relevant to meta description & keywords, especially in the headings < h1 > < h2 > and body text | secure ssh websites with https 

¡¡¡ The content which is relevant for Google is basically the startsite / homepage only !!!

That way our strategy for our customers is to split their website into various landing pages, each focussing on a certain business section – and all redirecting to the mainpage.











BEST PRACTICE ONE: balanceHAIR professional

balanceHAIR is a young & very stylish hair salon in Munich. They focus on the strong brand products REDKEN, AMERICAN CREW, GOLDFEVER, OLAPLEX & I.C.O.N. Ivka Salkovic – the owner – started two years ago as the only hair stylist in the salon. Now Ivka has four employees and is moving to a bigger place. Redken offered Ivka to take part in the “Redken Salon Emotion Concept”, which she will implement partially in the new location. Ivka didn´t do any advertising, but trusted us installing an online booking system and optimizing the website for the search engines. Through our efford, balanceHAIR now is listed in top positions – regarding the defined keywords which are essential for her business. The former domains, which are positioned so well in Google, will be redirected to the new main domain We also anchored the links with the most important keywords, as for example: balanceHAIR Männer Herren Friseur München Neuhausen balanceHAIR Frauen Damen Friseur München Neuhausen That way we have many domains & landingpages to optimize a focussed search engine marketing strategy for each business segment.

balanceHAIR munich Google positions  23-05-17

BEST PRACTICE TWO: waxinglounge [munich]

through the years the waxinglounge [munich] grew to the number one studio for professional sugaring & waxing in Munich. The waxinglounge [munich] is top listed with all relevant and important keywords, as you can see on the screenshot. We use many domains & subdomains for the waxinglounge [munich] to increase backlinks & keywords to the mainpage For the VIP* customers of waxinglounge [munich] we introduced a special, seperate booking portal. Only 50 customers get access to a special calendar which offers appointments to times not available in the regular booking tool on the mainsite. The reaction of the customers receiving the invitation card (see picture) is incredible – they feel honored and comforted.

We connect you all.
We motivate every partner to join our backlink network. This means: (back-) linking a selection or all of the other partners on the startpage, for example in the footer credits. That way you get backlink-ed by our network-pages plus the partners you are linking to. Questions? Send us an Email.





CREATED (New Web Gärtnerei Adler (Atelier Lorand Lajos) (Main Page of Backlink Network) (Redken Premium Hair Salon Munich) (Landing Page “Barber” for balanceHAIR) (Landing Page “Men” for balanceHAIR) (Landing Page “Women” for balanceHAIR) (Card Readings by Tanja Bruch)– (Web Agency) (Redken Hair Salon Munich) (Two HipHop DJs coming to Munich) (Alex Delamere´s Kinesiologic Sessions) (Swarovksi & GNTM Stylist Lorand Lajos) (Backlink / Reserved for LL) (Fashion Blog by Liliana Nova) (Prof. Waxing & Sugaring in Munich) (Prof. Waxing & Sugaring in Munich) (VIP Portal of WaxingLounge Munich)
02 PARTNER WEBSITES (New Website *soon*) (Eventmanagent Munich by Sandra Weiser) (Endermology Munich) (Personal Trainer Munich)
03 RESERVED DOMAINS & their usage now.
Green Domains are available to our partners. Red Domains are Backlink Network Pages. (Backlink) (Backlink / Redirection to Backlink-Folder) (Backlink / Redirection to Backlink-Folder) (Backlink / Redirection to Backlink-Folder) (Backlink / Redirection to Backlink-Folder) (Backlink / Redirection to Backlink-Folder) (Backlink) (Original Landing Page balanceHAIR) (Original Landing Page balanceHAIR) (SEO www.beautiful-studios.,de (SEO (Backlink) (SEO WaxingLounge Munich) (Backlink) (Backlink) (Backlink) (Backlink) (Backlink) (Backlink) (Backlink / SETUP) (Backlink) (Backlink) (Backlink) (Backlink) (Backlink) (SEO WaxingLounge Munich) (SEO WaxingLounge Munich) (SEO WaxingLounge Munich) (SEO WaxingLounge) (SEO WaxingLounge) (Backlink) (SEO for Design by (SEO for Design by

We are looking for advisors / mentors / business angels who are interested in supporting one or more of our projects listed below. We have many ideas, but little time – so we need sponsors of time & money. Send an Email to to express your interest. (Backlink Main Page) (Landing Page for [bju:tiful] studios) (Landing Page for [bju:tiful] studios) (Landing Page for [bju:tiful] studios) (Landing Page for [bju:tiful] studios) (Landing Page for [bju:tiful] studios) (Landing Page for [bju:tiful] studios)  grooming & makeup for men My Life. My Rules. A man decides to be more attractive by using makeup made for men. Capture a person of your interest and you will immediatly get her / his social media information / contacts and – if allowed – send a direct message  (Backlink / Psych. Project)  Connect your iPhone to your wallet, watch or keys. Define a distance in metres to which the iPhone is allowed to be seperated from the iDistance-Device – no stealing, no forgetting your iPhone, reminds you if you leave it in the car or restaurant (Kosmetik-Finder for Men) (Backlink / SM Portal for WAYD.PRO) (Backlink / City Portal s&m business) (Backlink / Private Domain) (Backlink / Good News Feeder) (Backlink / Healer Finder) (DOMAIN NOT IN USE!) (VIP Portal of WaxingLounge Munich) (Backlink / What Are Your Doing / Social Media Publishing Tool) (Sugaring Academy by Alexa R.)

Read the Feedback of some happy, happy partners:




 Thanx to Steve my hairsalon boosts. I started my salon two years ago alone, now I have four employees and am moving to a larger salon. Steve´s SEO is incredible – we are on position ONE with most important keywords.

Ivka Salkovic

Owner, Hairstylist

balanceHAIR professional


 The WaxingLounge Munich is always booked out min. two weeks ahead. We do not do any advertisement, but letting Steve & his team do our Online Marketing. We are in first position on Google with our defined keywords. The costs are low compared to the output. That is Marketing at its best. 

Alexa M. R. 

Owner | Team-Leader

waxinglounge [munich]

Absolutely fashionable.

 All I wanted was a sexy fashion blog – but Steve created an editorial tool which is just awesome. Everything runs totally automatic and I can share my wonderful posts with one click over all my social media channels. Steve´s a PRO and finds a solution to every problem or desire. 

Liliana Nova

Model | Designer | Fashion Influencer

The House of Nova

These guys are crazy!

 Steve is my neighbour. I came up with a bet to challange him – he was supposed to boost my website from position 15+ to 5 or better. I don´t know HOW he did it – but I lost my bet. So I am gonna be his personal trainer until he weights 73 kilos 😉 

Tarek Ayad

Personal Trainer

Personaltraining München | Munich

(Some of) The Team

Sun Dee

Creative Supervision / Designer SunDee on FaceBook

Alexa M. R.
Art Direction Alexa on FaceBook 

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